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Addons that are designed for Ashita v2.

  • Addon that lets you buy items from sparks NPC/other NMs without going through the menus.

  • Allows users to manage blue mage spell sets easily.

  • An addon that allows users to cancel buffs with slash commands.

  • Allows you to use any slash command while dead. (Generally, you will get a message that says 'Unable to use that command while unconscious. This addon removes that flag check on all commands.)

  • Enables mog house functionality in any zone. (Untested on retail; works on private servers with some limitations.)

  • An addon that allows players to easily track and monitor items and key items. Useful for things such as Abyssea farming for pop sets and similar. Has a full UI for ease of use.

  • Removes the chat filter by force regardless of the configuration setting. Useful for private servers as the settings are not stored properly.

  • Brings back using (at) symbol commands instead of the new $ format implemented on private servers.

  • A simple addon that displays when you learn a BLU magic spell in a much easier to see colored text line.

  • Deathtoll-Lite is an addon for the FFXI Ashita application that tracks and displays the user's total enemy kills.

  • A simple addon that allows you to browse the AH / shops while moving/running. (Useful on private servers.)

  • Lotomatic is an addon that helps you manage treasure pool drops automatically. It can automatically pass and loot on items that you assign within a profile. Lotomatic can also easily help with force-passing or force-looting on every item that drops.

  • FilterScan is a simple addon that allows you to filter the incoming results (packets) of a widescan request. This allows you to filter the incoming mobs by their name.

  • Allows searching of items in the player's inventory using the chat box.

  • A small addon that will capture and display links in a UI window for easy access to open within game.

  • A simple addon that displays the players current pet information in a simple UI window.

  • Allows the user to set a command to be repeated automatically.

  • A simple addon that adds 'Chams' to models by changing their colors. (Blue for players, Red for monsters, and Green for NPCs)

  • Displays various information about the players current pet.

  • imguistyle is an addon to maintain custom ImGui styles per-character.