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Plugins that are designed for Ashita v2.

  • Crafty is a light-weight in-game crafting assistant. It can help you craft items easily. Crafty makes use of Ashita's new UI system so no commands are needed. Simply click what you want and you're set!

  • A plugin that manages gear swaps.

  • A plugin to allow more flexible typed commands.

  • A plugin to facilitate item movement using typed commands.

  • Guildwork plugin for Ashita v2.

  • Allows players to control multiple characters at once whom all have the servo plugin loaded.

  • A plugin to automatically accept or decline party invitations.

  • A plugin to automatically gather your gear, has integration with ashitacast or can be used alone.

  • A plugin to automatically lot/pass/drop/store items that enter the treasure pool.

  • WatchEXP allows you to watch how much EXP or Merit Points you're gaining, as well as shows other information such as time left in abyssea, lights accrued and dynamis time extensions.

  • Miniature damage logging in FFXI for Ashita v2

    Usage: /load deeps

    Monitor can be moved with shift+drag.

    Click bars to zoom in, right click to zoom out.

    Reset the meters with /dps reset.

  • Allows the player to control the Windows volume of Final Fantasy while in-game.

  • A useful plugin for those that play on private servers. HideConsole will hide the boot loader console window freeing up (visually) a window on your system.

  • gm flag, ja0wait,speehack. posi warp type /novo debug in game for a list of commands

  • A plugin that shows how long your status effects have been active.

  • A plugin to prevent character blinking during equipment swaps.

  • A plugin to remove the enter prompt from cutscenes.

  • Removes the knockback effect to your player from various abilities performed by enemies.

  • Navi is a simple navigation tool that can record, save and playback paths.

  • World of Warcraft's popular Grid and Clique addons for FFXI

    Usage: /load greed

    Use the config XML to edit keybinds, colors, position, anchor point, etc.